EU13: Dark Tales of Animation

Korte animatiefilms die níet geschikt zijn voor de kleintjes.


Vrijdag 8 - 17:00 - LUX 5 € 5,50 / € 7,00
Zaterdag 9 - 17:00 - LUX 5 € 7,00 / € 8,50

Yùl and the Snake

Yùl et le Serpent

Yùl and the Snake

Yùl, 13 years old, goes with his big brother Dino to conclude a deal with Mike, a thug escorted by his Argentinian mastiff. When things go wrong, a mysterious snake appears. Gabriel Harel / Animation / France / 2015 / 13

The Master


The Master

The dog Popi and the monkey Huhuu are waiting for their Master to come home, who one day simply didn't return anymore... From this particular day on their mutual life starts. Popi, despite being actually smarter and stronger surrenders to Huhuu's whims. Riho Unt / Animation / Estonia / 2015 / 18

Chulyen, a Crow's Tale

Chulyen, Histoire de Corbeau

Chulyen, a Crow\

Chulyen is strong, chulyen is handsome. Chulyen is weak, Chulyen is ugly. Chulyen is the crow spirit, and three shamans are chasing after him. Cerise Lopez, Agnès Patron / Animation / France / 2015 / 20

Under the Apple Tree

Under the Apple Tree

A deceased farmer is buried by his hated brother, the vicar. Worms inhabit the corpse, discovering they've full control over it. The dead farmer awakens... Erik van Schaaik / Animation / The Netherlands, Belgium / 2015 / 18