Fear Is Not An Option

Fear Is Not An Option

Friday, March 11st 2016

Due to their short production time, short films are very suitable to reflect upon urgent matters. At Go Short we present several programs of short films which all deal with current events. For these programs we work together with other international film festivals, The Correspondent, Vice, and Movies That Matter .

In response to the social divisiviness of the refugee crisis, a number of international film festivals have chosen to enrich the discussion with films that go beyond the bite-sized quotes and harsh words that dominate the news. Vienna Independent Shorts from Austria, Canada's Festival du Nouveau Cinéma and Go Short therefore present a joint program: Fear is not an option. The program will be screened at three festivals, and presents films that not only deal with the refugees, but also with other pressing issues such as climate change and terrorism. These short films show that urgency can very well be combined with a strong cinematography. These filmmakers not only have something important to say, they also make very good films.

We also collaborate with the Movies that Matter film festival, an initiative of Amnesty International. They use films and documentaries to open our eyes to human rights, as you will experience in the program World Matters. Another way of looking is also what the journalistic platforms of The Correspondent and Vice are looking for. In the programs De Correspondent Presents ans Vice Presents they show how the short format can be used for new forms of online journalism.

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