Meet the Youth Jury

Meet the Youth Jury

Friday, April 8th 2016

On behalf of Moviezone, the Movie Zone Jury will be present once again at the international short film festival of the Netherlands.

The jury, consisting of five teenagers from 15 to 18 years olds, will present an award to one of the 28 films they will watch. The jury specifically wants to look out for originality in films, wondering if a film from an unusual perspective can change your mind. The film that the jury are most impressed with will go home with the MovieZone Award.

But Jury? Jury? Who is this jury exactly? Meet Benthe, Dogukan, Asena, Vida and Thijs in the interview below.

What do you think is the most important thing in films?
Unanimously, the jury decides that basically everything (though especially the cohesion) is important in a film. Yet Dogukan (17 years old) and Vida (15 years old) are of the opinion that acting plays the largest part of a film’s success. "I think that nowadays most of the stories in films are similar, but actors are the ones who can put their own spin on it'’, says Vida. Benthe (18), Asena (16) and Thijs (18), however, believe that the story in a film is the most decisive. Thijs claims that: "The script is important to me because it provokes an emotional response in the audience. For example, just by having more pauses in the dialogue, the atmosphere of a scene can change greatly, and thus is the idea behind it".

If you were going to make a film of your own, what would it be about?
An open question for many ideas. Fortunately, our MovieZone Jury have many thoughts about what kind of films they like. While Benthe prefers a documentary ("I think it's important when a film makes you think and that you are educated while watching it.") Dogukan prefers a good horror: "A horror that makes you not just scared but terrified " Vida and Asena share the same opinion and mostly favour films such as The Hunger Games and Divergent. "I'd go to a movie that has everything in it. A bit of action, suspense and romance" says Vida. Thijs prefers a more complex idea. A film like a thriller and psychological drama such as Gone Girl seems suited to him. "I find it very satisfying if you the viewer has no idea what could be going on."

What dish goes best with your favourite kind of movie?
"My films can be compared with potatoes! Delicious Dutch!" is Vilda’s reaction - immediately followed by a burst of laughter from the group. When we stop off at an ice shop to take a break from the interview, Benthe responded that she would choose spaghetti. "A bit messy to eat, but something in the world which you need to make the effort to enjoy “ Benthe’s argument is something that Thijs can agree with completely. However, Dogukan has no idea either .... what flavour fits well with horror? Asena draws from different inspiration and chooses Ice Cream cookie dough. "The ice is very soft on one side, but the cookie dough, the core, is just hard."

As you have read, the MovieZone Jury this year is very diverse and the atmosphere is already good. Reason enough that this year, Go Short - Short Film Festival Nijmegen is going to be a fantastic festival and we look forward to the decision of the jury.

-Thijs Manders, jury reporter

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